People Skills Program

People Skills Program

Our People Skills Program focuses on creating more productive and effective relationships within your organization.

The main focus is on Behavioral Styles and teaches two fundamental concepts:

1.  Breakthroughs in “People Skills” start with awareness of self and others.
2. Building on this awareness allows participants to adjust/shift behavior.

Outcomes include:
  • Increasing productivity and profitability
  • Igniting enthusiasm for work and self-esteem
  • Motivating participants to work better as a team
  • Reducing conflict
How it works:

One-Day Program for your Senior Leaders
Most impactful if followed by Customized Leadership Program

The People Skills Custom Manual Package (for purchase from Effectiveness Institute) includes: Participant’s Workbook, Quick Reference Guide, Behavior Style “Self Online Assessment” and Behavior Style 360 Report.

The information, concepts and tools in the program are based on research and studies conducted by Effectiveness Institute and have been repeatedly tested and validated over the past 30 years in working with organizations globally.

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