“How I feel about Customized Leadership Program and you: you’ve made us all better human beings.”

Andrew De Brito

General Manager
Four Seasons Hotel Beijing, China

“What I walked out with from that training room is something I could never have learned in a class room. Not only how I can be a good leader but also how I can be a better person and there is nothing wrong with being ME & REAL. There is a saying “Shoot for the moon and even if you fail you will land among the stars.” Few days back I said this to a friend and he was like, ‘’But, Shamim, that is impossible.’’ I just smiled and said it depends from which angle you’re looking at it. Life is all about possibilities and choices. Let’s just DO our best to make the right ones.”

Shamim Salim

Human Resources Manager
Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti, Tanzania

“You explained that leadership is deeply personal. I went soul-searching. I came out stronger and with the perfect amount of motivation and team spirit, which is what this hotel needs at this moment.”

Alexander Carpentier

General Manager
La Reserve, Geneva, Switzerland

“The entire team feels that they have benefited from your workshop and are committed to making our goals happen. I know this for a fact because we did an internal survey where 100% rated your workshop as “very useful.” You have set up the team on the right path and management is coming together to make use of this gift you have given us. This may very well be a turning point for some managers who – for the first time – are realizing that the way they handle their colleagues does matter, opening up doors to all sorts of new realizations. I am looking forward to having you with us again.”

Patrick Maurer

Director of Rooms
InterContinental Shanghai NECC, China

“Patrick, tant sur la qualité de votre approche que sur les sujets que vous proposez, vous avez réussi à aller au-delà de nos attentes et de celle du groupe que vous avez encadré. Les résultats sont visibles. Vous avez conquis l’ensemble des Cadres que vous avez coaché. Vous êtes le « Caviar » de ce séminaire.”

Gaëlle Thebault

Directrice des Ressources Humaines
La Réserve Paris, France

“What you do is inspirational. You’ve shown me what that actually looks like [to bring about authentic, positive and lasting change to the world.] I’m forever grateful.”

James Boyer

IT Manager
Four Seasons Residence Club Aviara, California, USA

“Wow! Wow! Wow!  Thank you for being so instrumental with our team, and for “standing for the work.” I am so excited with my own transformation and that of my team. I am committed to my sales team going through the training.”

Chaun Bunt

Senior Catering Manager
Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta, USA

“Patrick is an amazing experiential leadership trainer and executive coach. He just keeps getting better every time I experience him. Patrick found his true calling focusing on driving engagement, meeting real business goals and achieving tangible results. It’s not often I endorse someone, but I love the work Patrick does and he truly makes a difference.”

Kylie Hallinan

Senior Director of Human Resources
Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach and the Surf Club, Surfside, Florida, USA

“Patrick’s candor and authenticity was refreshing. I’ve been to a lot of training over the years and this was truly the best yet! The sharing of his personal stories, struggles and successes both professionally and personally resonated with me and truly accelerated our ability to get real with each other. He led us on an incredible journey filled with laughter and tears, while keeping us in the here and now and committed to do the work.”

Tony Rodriguez

Senior Director of Marketing
Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach and the Surf Club, Surfside, Florida, USA

“Un grand bravo pour ce programme ! J’ai rarement vu une formation avoir autant d’effets et créer autant d’enthousiasme dans les équipes : meilleure cohésion, esprit d’initiative et une vraie prise de conscience de leur potentiel. Un grand merci… “

Nicolas Vincent

Directeur Général
La Réserve Ramatuelle, France

“The most powerful training ever … the best choice was to bring you in.”

Sonia Trindade

Director of Human Resources
Six Senses Douro Valley, Portugal

“Because of you I am no longer afraid to be the best leader I can be and seek to make a contribution that fulfills me.”

Juliana Mendoza

Cluster Revenue Manager
COMO Hotels London, UK

“You Totally Changed Our World.”

Suchada Jearajitaree

Director of Human Resources
COMO Metropolitan Bangkok, Thailand

“What I find most valuable about your ideas is that they can be implemented in any context of life – from the very small, daily encounters to big decisions. Unlike many authors and speakers, you’re not telling the right direction (there is no universal one) but giving everybody the tools to build their own compass to then find the direction themselves.”

Niklas Etzel

Student at Universitaet St. Gallen
(Hochschule fuer Wirtschafts-, Rechts- und Sozialwissenschaften)
Attended IGNITE conference 2018

“Thank you for being such an awesome instructor. I would like to thank you for the extra confidence you gave to us all. You are a Legend!”

Craig Dryhurst

Executive Chef
Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea, Hawaii, USA

“You have made all the difference and set us on the “right path”. We couldn’t ask for more.”

Uday Rao

General Manager
Four Seasons Resorts Bali, Indonesia

“Un Grand Merci du fond du cœur pour ces deux jours qui resteront gravés dans nos mémoires pour très longtemps. C’était juste unique, magique et extraordinaire. Je n’ai aucun doute que l’équipe va grandir encore plus grâce à cet exercice.”

Francois-Regis Simon

General Manager
Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat – Four Seasons, Nice, France

“Patrick was powerful beyond belief – incredible. He broke through to our hearts and souls! He got me to a place I couldn’t have gotten to without him. Thanks for infusing your passion and skilled know-how into our group. Forever indebted.”

Robert Cima

RVP & General Manager
Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village, California, USA

“Just out of a two-day training with Patrick. He was stellar and created magic in the room: pretty awesome.”

Armando Kraenzlin

RVP & General Manager
Four Seasons Resorts Maldives, Maldives

“Was a fabulous experience – full of reflection!  It has certainly created an internal momentum that will drive us forward to achieve great things!”

Derek Rostel

Regional Director of People and Culture
Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane, London, UK

“It is the building of the self-confidence and, more importantly, the self-awareness within each of the managers that will create a new dynamic team.  This dynamic team will create the new legacy.  I truly appreciate you graciously pushing the boundaries for the breakthroughs as this is the path to our success.”

Lynn Brutman

RVP & General Manager
Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane, London, UK

“I have never felt so reflective in my life and I cannot thank you enough for the experience you provided. It is changing the way I view certain situations and also my responsibility and role in how I move forward. The team is still riding the high of the time together, and the relationships that have been built are life changing here in this hotel.

You truly CONNECT and you made me open up so much, which people very rarely do. It was also so nice how people have really wanted to find out how they can support me at work so we can be true business partners.”

Catherine De Looper

Learning and Development Manager
Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane, London, UK

“We are blown away after 3 days with Patrick. The training is really in depth and brings out so much magic from the entire team; we have all deepened our understanding of our behaviors. Moreover, we understand how to adjust to each other. In my humble opinion, this is something that all our hotels should be budgeting: will make huge differences to our people and teams. We have set [and achieved] a great goal.

I have built a massive bridge in my personal life thanks to you.”

Anthony Gill

General Manager, Four Seasons Resort
The Nam Hai Hoi An, Vietnam

“Managed to bring out confidence in me which has been locked away with my past events for decades. I’m now ready to start a new chapter in my life. Patrick, thank you for guiding me to bring myself to this stage. I made peace with my past and am able to face any challenges in my life with confidence and the right attitude.”

Tetsuo Fujita

Senior Director of Sales
Four Seasons Resorts Maldives, Maldives

“Truly a life changing experience for me.”

Konrad Talon

Director of Housekeeping
Four Seasons Residence Club Aviara, California, USA

“Patrick’s leadership training at Six Senses Douro Valley was very powerful. Quite apart from the tools it gave us to get to the next level as a team, many of our leaders found it transformational on a personal level. Patrick has a rare combination of deep emotional intelligence, authenticity and leadership savoir faire. I would highly recommend any team shooting for the stars to do it! Thank you, Patrick, YOU ROCK!”

Nick Yarnell

General Managaer
Six Senses Douro Valley, Portugal

“Vous êtes exceptionnel. Merci pour ce que vous avez semé à La Réserve Ramatuelle.”

Veronique Grange

Deputy General Manager
La Réserve Ramatuelle, France

“The immediate shift in the energy around here is palpable.  Your impact here was incredible and will live on.  Safe travels as you continue to do amazing work around the world.”

Allison Hart

Sales and Catering Manager
Four Seasons Residence Club Aviara, California, USA

“My mind will no longer be the same as before I met you. I will always make sure to make conscious choices of my actions.”

Melanie Goenchanart

Training, Manager
COMO Metropolitan Bangkok, Thailand

“Der Leadership-Workshop kam gerade zur richtigen Zeit und half, einander näher zu kommen und uns besser zu verstehen. Seit dem Workshop begegnen wir Schwierigkeiten vereinter und mit grösserer Leichtigkeit. Verschiedene von Patrick Ghielmetti genannte Bon-Mots sind seither im Team geflügelte Worte, die uns auch bei vermeintlich unüberwindbaren Hindernissen lächeln lassen. – JUST GREAT!”

Nadine Hoch

Geschäftsleiterin kibesuisse
Verband Kinderbetreuung, Schweiz

“I feel reborn. All of my pain was gone. I felt like I lost 100 kilograms. I was traveling back to see my part in issues: I was the one separating us, and also I burned my team and everyone around me. “New Jan” is working on fixing the problems.”

Suraja Ruangnukulkit (Jan)

Head Chef (Nahm)
COMO Metropolitan Bangkok, Thailand

“Thank you so much for “turning my inside out.” Since a very long time this was the first time I had a real inspiring training/workshop.”

Gerhard Fink

Regional Director of Sales and Marketing
COMO Metropolitan Bangkok, COMO Point Yamu, COMO Uma Paro, COMO Uma Punaka, Thailand and Bhutan

“The BEST training I ever attended in my 35 years of working life. Walls are torn, bridges built & relationships enhanced.”

Jeffrey Lim

Director of Loss Prevention and Risk Management
Four Seasons Hotel Singapore, Singapore

“You made a big impact in a short time. Your contributions in terms of team dynamics have been outstanding. You not only provided leadership and support, but you really made an impact on the culture. The team dynamic improved thanks to your involvement.”

John Brennan

Founder and Managing Partner
Cloudbrook Partners Limited, Ireland

“Not a single nanosecond of dull moment in Patrick’s trainings. Having just completed an intensive two days of training, I laud Patrick for his amazing course content, vivid storytelling, refreshing humor and a lightness of spirit with which he directly addresses some real issues that leaders face. Patrick gently cajoles, directly provokes, elbows you out of your comfort zone and then soothes you with a deep kindness and empathy that only come from a truly evolved person. May he continue to ignite many fires.”

Gargi Guha

Director of Public Relations
Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru at Embassy One, India


“Working with Patrick was transformational. The difference maker was that he knew how to help me address some of my behavioral challenges in a methodical way, and showed me the tools to continue on the path to greater success personally and professionally.

In the past, a distorted self-image prevented me from identifying areas that warranted improvement:  a major stumbling block in my leadership growth and development. Patrick quickly uncovered the problem and provided the tools I needed to understand how others perceive me. I now see myself more objectively. Along the way there were surprising (and sometimes painful) personal realizations, but Patrick’s coaching continued to make me a better person every day, both at work and at home. Patrick did not hesitate to tactfully, but directly, point out areas that needed to be considered in a different way, and proved to be right 100% of the time with his observations, insights, ideas, suggestions and questions to ponder. His unique ability to recognize, understand and explain complex business relationships has changed my thinking, and most importantly, my actions.”

Afonso Cunha

Former Hotel Manager
Four Seasons Hotel Denver, USA

“Patrick has a gifted ability to recognize, understand, and explain complex working relationships, has revolutionized my thinking, and most importantly, my actions. His coaching will be a great benefit to leaders in any organization.”

Brent Duncan

Dir. of Catering & Conferences Services
Four Seasons Westlake Village, California, USA

“My levels of self-esteem, confidence and assertiveness have increased significantly, and my leadership style evolved. I definitely recommend this coaching program to anyone who is looking for a shift to become an effective and dynamic leader.”

Rebecca Wen

Regional Director of Residences
Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, China

“I cannot recommend Patrick Ghielmetti highly enough. He has made a difference here in Kyoto and left a legacy for which we are truly grateful. Simply put, he is a catalyst for change.

Everything that Patrick has undertaken in the past – the successes and the learning opportunities – has culminated in his arrival as an awesome behavior based executive coach and experiential leadership facilitator.

With a healthy balance of knowledge, learning, fun, humility, commitment and contribution I can attest today that our team is in an exceptional place and one of pure authenticity.”

Alex Porteous

General Manager, Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto, Japan

“Thanks to your coaching – I am more organized now, connect well with my team, accept what is not working and try different approaches. I have more clarity and have learned to be concise yet impactful: less is more. You helped me structure my goals in a way I had never thought of before. You pushed me to get out of my comfort zone to realize my true potential. I shall always be indebted to you.”

Sudhir Dutta

Director of Food & Beverage
Four Seasons Resort Landaa Giraavaru, Maldives

“After only one meeting with Patrick it was like a fog had lifted and I could see a clear way forward.

Patrick is incredibly in tune with people and knows exactly how to look inside a person and motivate, coach and encourage that person to help themselves achieve greater results. He has magical powers of drawing out of you your true inner self. Patrick will guide you along your journey of truly living your life and becoming the authentic and honest person that you really are. The gift that Patrick has given me I can never repay.”

Stewart Kiely

Complex Director of Engineering
Aloft and Westin Hotels, Australia

“An element in my working style could have proved to be a roadblock in my career path. I explored a variety of areas [with Patrick] … and he was able to connect me with a number of influencers that I would have never considered on my own. I firmly believe that the potential career obstacle has been overcome.”

Charles Fisher

Resort Manager
Four Seasons Resort Orlando, Florida, USA

“Being coached by Patrick changed my life. I acquired more tools to be a better communicator and more effective leader, and have more clarity on how I can be more effective in my personal life – realizing the importance of focusing on myself and finding the right balance in life. Patrick is a very effective coach and great listener who is able to fully comprehend the needs and challenges of the Coachee and provides guidance and recommendations which are on point. I appreciate Patrick’s increasing my confidence and positive energy.”

Koji Akaboshi

Hotel Manager
Four Seasons Hotel The Surf Club, Surfside, Florida, USA